Agriculture Service

We are a small business located in Northern Colorado.
Our background is in agriculture and mechanics.


Offering a mobile welding service for those projects that are on location and can’t be built in a shop. We can do large or small projects to fit your needs at an affordable price.


Kenny has built various projects over the years including accessories for vehicles, customized attachments for equipment, and metal sheds.

Pivot Repair

Our service truck is setup with all the equipment needed to service and repair your pivots during your busy season. We have the ability to work on all mechanical and electrical issues.

Flood Irrigation

Kenny grew up on a ranch with 2000 acres of flood irrigated high mountain meadows. Flood irrigation is a bit of a lost art. If you would like Kenny to teach you some tricks or to do your irrigating for you, please give us a call .

Mechanical Repair

Certified Diesel Mechanic, we can work on anything from heavy equipment to pickups and trucks.

Up For Anything!

If you need day help or any other special projects give us a call.

Pivots & Irrigation

From flood irrigation to pivots, we can can help set up your systems and show you tricks on keeping them running smoothly.


Complex to simple, we have the experience and the wherewithal to make your machines perform the way you need them to.

Welding & Fabrication

If you can dream it, we can build it. With years of experience, hands on application and the ability to think outside the box, we can create it.

Providing welding, fabrication, and pivot/irrigation services to the Front Range

High Country provides 12+ years experience in irrigation, pivot repair/maintenance, solar well installation, mechanics, and welding/fabrication. Through the years, Kenny has built various metal projects primarily for agricultural and personal use.

If there is something you need built or rebuilt call today for a quote!

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“If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.”


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532 Arabian St. Wellington, CO 80549

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