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Movable Calving Shed

This shed was built for calving. It is complete with eight pens, a maternity/head catch pen, and hot room. The dimensions are 48.5 feet by 34 feet; it comes apart in three sections making it movable. The shed is completely built from steel and will last for many years to come. Kenny designed and built this shed for Leachman Cattle of Colorado; we would be happy to show you it if you are interested.

Sheds can be customized to meet your needs!

Hay Head

The hay head is built to attach on a tractor. It was designed by Willis Williams and fabricated by Kenny. Used for loading small square bales into van trailers for the Double 8 Ranch

Bumper built for 2012 f-150

The bumper was built with square tubing on a 45 degree angle. Was designed and fabricated by Kenny.

Stock Stomper

The stomper was built to attach on a 9410 John Deere Tractor for Baney Farms. It attaches with Degelman Dozer Mount.

Entrance Gates

These were built for a ranch. Each gate is 24 feet long and 10 feet tall on the outside. They were a custom design built for East Elkhorn Ranch; the gates were installed with timers and an automated opening system.

Water System

Portable water system built for the 4 3 Ranch to water cattle in Wyoming. The water troughs are built from pipe and the frames are steel. There is a skid for the water storage tank.


Smaller attachments that are built to last!

Portable Alley System

This is a portable alley system that was built to be used with a portable corral system to work cattle no matter how far they are from home!

Custom haying and irrigation

The supply of water to land or crops to help growth can be controlled with irrigation. Flood irrigation is a bit of a lost art; if you would like Kenny to teach you some tricks or you would just like him to do it for you, please let him know.

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